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The Gold Key staff is experienced in all areas of the rubber industry. We stand committed to providing customers with uncompromised quality, excellent service and overall satisfaction.

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Gold Key Ltd is an experienced company successfully catering the hi-tech Rubber Products requirements by the Maritime Industry, Hydropower Industry and Construction Industry.

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Gold Key Ltd Division uses proven engineering, design and technology to provide our customers with the best engineered solution to their conveyor material handling applications.

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What is Rubber Compounding?

What is Rubber Compounding?

Rubber technology is an umbrella term that refers to several methods through which raw rubber is converted into more useful products. One such rubber transformation method is rubber compounding.According to HI(Hunts International), rubber technology is a domain with a vast number of opportunities.

Types Of Rubber Used To Make Tires

Types Of Rubber Used To Make Tires

During your day-to-day activities, ask your driver what he thinks the tires on the car you are riding have for their construction. The most likely answer that you are likely to get is that the tires are made of rubber. While this is partly true, many types of rubbers...


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Gold Key’s materials mainly end up in the automotive, industrial, construction, pharmaceutical and aero-space industries.

While we believe that every company must grow in order to remain successful, nevertheless: We remain equally focused on value creation. Therefore, we will continue our search for strategic alliances, which further strengthen our values offering to performance-driven customers, while growing our business locally and worldwide.

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